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GitHub Actions Integration




You can now integrate Bearer directly in your CI/CD pipeline with a GitHub Action (see documentation).

Thus you can use Bearer without creating and managing a Personal Access Token.

Continuous Code Scanning




Bearer now automatically scans your codebase once a week to update your inventory of engineering components.

You can customize the frequency at which Bearer scans your codebase (once a day, once a week, once a month).

Bearer performs diff-aware scans so you can focus on risks in recent code changes.

Broker Update




A new version of the Broker is available with:

  • Better support for detections in markup files (HTML, PHP, ERB, ASPX, Jupiter notebook, etc.).
  • Overall improved domain detection and classification.
  • Detection of data types for OpenAPI, GraphQL, Protobuf and SQL files
  • Experimental detection of internal API paths.
  • Improved error handling and memory usage.

To update the Broker please run docker pull bearersh/broker:latest

Introducing: Bearer Inventory




Scan your codebase

Bearer integrates with GitHub and GitLab and scans your code repositories to discover connected engineering components including databases, internal & external APIs, and message buses.

We support the following languages: Ruby, Javascript, Python, PHP, Go, Java and C#.


Build your inventory

Enrich your inventory with sensitive data flows and security controls.

If needed you can collect such information from your engineering team via light-touch questionnaires embedded in GitHub / GitLab.