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Risk Detection




Bearer now detects security risks that cause data breaches by scanning your code repositories.

Customer benefits are:

  1. Detect and mitigate security risks before they reach your production environment.
  2. Assess risks faster and more accurately with actionable context.
  3. Stop slowing down development by automating security checks.

Risk events are listed on the Home page in an inbox format.

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A risk event is triggered when:

  1. a repository processes new sensitive data.

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  1. a repository processes sensitive data and integrates with a new third party.

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  1. sensitive data is not encrypted

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Bearer provides you with contextual information so you can investigate and assess risks efficiently. Once a risk has been detected, you can ignore it, assign it to a teammate or close it once it has been mitigated.

Risk events can be customized in the Settings to fit your own processes. For each risk event you can set up:

  • the risk level.
  • notifications (emails, Slack).

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For more information, please refer to the documentation.